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Technology moves us, or prevents us from moving?


I remember a time when the couch was just too comfortable to get up and drag myself 10 feet to change the channel on the television.  I think this was probably good for me because I ended up watching a lot of PBS marathons.  If I couldn't reach the TV with my toes to change the station, odds are it was staying on that station.  


Fast forward a couple 25 years, we solved the television problem with a miracle called the remote control and moved on to newer and larger roadblocks in the quest for complete laziness.  Thus the wifi enabled thermostat was born.


I have to admit I bought the Nest thermostat simply because I am a tech junky, I needed my fix.  After a couple of months of using this amazing device I have to share my positive thoughts about it.  With the apps Nest developed for their thermostat on my tablet and phone I am the master of my domain, I am in complete control... of the temperature of my house.  


Picture yourself laying in bed, comfortably.  Theres a cool storm that blew in and dropped the temperature outside 15 or 20 degrees.  You would really like to open the window and enjoy this cool air and the sound of the storm while you sleep, but that would require you get out of bed and drudge down the stairs to turn off the air conditioner.  Not any more!  Now you just simply reach over, grab your phone, and turn if off with your Nest app!!  Or look at the opposite side, you're leaving from work mid day and going home (hooray), now you can set your temperature to be waiting at whatever you would like when you get home!

Beyond the typical items you would assume it could accomplish with its wifi capabilities it also offers a suite of energy saving features that save you money.  

  • A sensor in the thermostat itself lets it utilize an auto away feature that changes to a predetermined temperature for when you're not home.  

  • The unit automatically figures out your schedule over a couple weeks of regular use and sets a program for you that if you feel the need to you can alter.  Its not the same confusing programmable interface that no one uses, its friendly and you can change it on your mobile device, computer, or the thermostat itself.  

  • Nest sends you energy reports showing you how much energy you used with an explanation of why you used more or less than you typically would.

  • A simple green leaf icon lets you know when you are being energy efficient.  Sometimes prompting you that you can save some money simply by changing your comfort level by a half of a degree.

  • Nest partners with some energy companies to get you savings if you don’t use your air conditioner at “rush hour” times.  With this option selected Nest will cool your home before energy rush hour and your utility company will cut you a break in return.  Sadly Mid American does not yet participate in this.  

  • You can lock your thermostat within a certain range to prevent those pesky kids from constantly changing it.

The list of features goes on - But basically - Give Nest a peek, I have already noticed savings in my energy bills and sometimes it the simple things that can really change your quality of life!

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